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This amazing product will clean iron stains, calcium buildup and soap residues from your entire  wash
system! It's safe for all makes and models, and will not affect septic systems!
DISHWASHER MAGIC® is the solution:

Dishwasher MAGIC® uses a patent-pending application technology to deliver a revolutionary cleaning
solution directly into your dishwasher during the cleaning cycle. When used monthly as recommended,
DISHWASHER MAGIC®, will result in optimum cleaning performance of your automatic dishwasher, limit
repairs and extend the life of the machine.
DISHWASHER MAGIC® couldn't be easier to use. Simply  remove the outer cap, place the bottle upside
down in the silverware rack of an empty dishwasher, close the door and start the normal wash cycle.
Because DISHWASHER MAGIC® is specially designed to begin working at the right moment, there is no
spilling, mess or cleanup.
Dishwasher Magic - Because your dishwasher doesn’t clean itself.
Dishwasher Magic safely and effectively removes lime scale, iron and
food stains that can build-up inside the dishwasher with every use. By
using Dishwasher Magic regularly you will extend the life of your
dishwasher and improve its cleaning performance. Dishwasher Magic is
the only dishwasher cleaner that kills 99.9% of bacteria like e-coli and
salmonella! (gram-negative bacteria) Recommended usage: once a
month to ensure optimal cleaning and prevent buildup.

Dishwasher Magic
Please follow cautions and instructions on the label carefully.
Must Be Used With Empty Dishwasher.

1. Remove cap. DO NOT REMOVE WAX PLUG. Wax plug will dissolve when the water temperature
reaches 125 F (dispensing the cleaner).

2. Place bottle upside down inside the silverware basket or in secure position in the bottom rack.

3. Do not use with any soap or dishwasher detergent in an empty dishwasher.

4. Close dishwasher door, set to normal wash cycle and start dishwasher.

5. After full cycle is complete and dishwasher is off, remove and discard bottle.

For heavy build up, a second application of Dishwasher Magic may be required.

Use Dishwasher Magic once a month or more frequently if required to prevent buildup.